SMRITI COMMODITIES RESEARCH PVT. LTD. is a Commodities research, consulting and commodities management company providing independent research, analysis and advisory services related to commodities markets.

We provide a suite of research and consulting services related to financial management of commodities exposure, including fundamental market research and analysis, consulting and advisory services and commodities management.

SMRITI COMMODITIES RESEARCH PVT. LTD strongly believes in the importance of unbiased fundamental research on the commodities markets. Our track record demonstrates the value and benefits that such research has for our clients and their businesses. Our research methodology is unique in the market. Our analysts give a comprehensive view of the market, including market intricacies, by delving deep into qualitative characteristics such as investor rationale and quantitative indicators by applying economic and econometric analytical skills to commodities markets. We provide detailed ‘ground-up’ analyses of the entire markets for individual commodities, including the demand side of the market.

For actively traded commodities, we specialize in filtering through the market noise to provide concise reports and conclusions about price direction and market fundamentals. Our vast network of market contacts and clients around the globe, and our experience in surveying the market and collecting hard to find statistics assist us in providing superior research on off-exchange commodities markets.

We offer research reports for supply, demand, export, import, production, consumption and market information, as well as projections for market conditions and prices. The range of our reports reflects the reality that some clients need short-term analyses and market views, while others require market outlooks that extend 10 years into the future, or longer. As a result, our time-sensitive research products are structured to meet the various needs of our diverse clients with forecast horizons range from short-term to monthly, quarterly, annual, two-year, and ten-year forecasts.

Rupa Mehta

Ms. Rupa Mehta, MD & CEO of M/s Smriti Commodities Research Pvt. Ltd. needs no introduction. She is regularly seen on National News and Business channels showcasing her competence on Commodity market. Within a short span of time she has made a niche in the field with her expert analysis and preparing reports related to the Commodity, Currency and Financial market. She had worked with Well India Group as Head Research and SMC Global Securities Ltd as Senior Commodity Analyst.

She has an innate ability, while under difficult conditions, to present solutions to adverse situations. Her loyalty, tenacity and strong work ethic are key factors in her success. Her knowledge and experience enable her to successfully represent both first time traders and also clients involving million Rupee transactions.

Ms. Rupa Mehta has successfully organized various Commodity Investment program in U. P., Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. Ms Rupa Mehta has been highly acknowledged for her perfect predictions and analysis on the commodity market. Her advice has been well received by the top investors in the country.